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Copper Mining! (7 replies)

[attachment 7945 IMG_5228.JPG] br / br / Barnes US Patent Knife .... approx 85 % br / br / Keep watching! br / br / Gary...

Longer Index Cards ..... (2 replies)

When the cards get shorter, its sure nice. br / br / When I decide I need to jot down a fresh one .... and its a whole card .... ahhhhhh br / br / Howd that get in there br / br / There are sure a lot of surfaces to one single part. br / br / Gary...

BLUE MAMMOTH 100%. More to process. Take a Peek (2 replies)

[attachment 7935 IMG_5139.JPG] br / br / I like it. br / br / Gary...

(bullhorn) For Sale ... Elk Stag 4 Bolster Carved Mdl 97 (bullhorn) (6 replies)

[attachment 7944 IMG_5223.JPG] br / br / A great Model 97. Dropped and Weathered Elk Stag, Augmented and sealed. Very pretty in person. Thats a football field of deep relief carving. This Model 97 is approx. 8 1/4 open. br / br / $1,295us. Plus $20 for the Postman. If special terms would help you fit it into your schedule, please PM your proposal. I will see if I can accommodate. Thank You. br / br / Please drop your marker here. Go to PM. Im there as barnespneumatic. br / br / Gary b...

For my friend (7 replies)

One of my coworkers / friends recently passed away unexpectedly. He was a young outdoors man with a wife and 2 kids . Pete loved to hunt and fish . He was our company safety rep and I wanted to fashion / craft something for his family from things that reminded me of him . I got a pair of old steel toe safety boots , a 20 gage shotgun shell , deer antler and a penny from the year he was born . I decided to make a knife . Now Im not a knife maker and this was the 3rd knife I made in my life . ...

Air Conditioner Chat .... 5/19 ..... safe for children and pets (5 replies)

Hi Guys, br / br / Its been in the 90s all week here. I think its supposed to get warm next week. Thank God for Air Conditioning. Dispite rumors, Im pretty sure no one lived around here prior to 1965. br / br / Just a few notes here. Needed to sit a spell. Thats Jed Clampett talk. I pulled my back a while ago. But Im all bengay rubbed, wrapped, anti inflammatory pulled, and I even ate an apple. Ill live. I just cant hover right now. A Craftsman does a lot of hovering. Thats mainly because he...