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Grouping sizes advice from people please.

Ok so weve all had the discussions about different pellets and how people opt for certain brands as they suit their barrels, and ate MORE accurate.. my question is what do people consider accurate Im now on JSB exact in 4.52 in my ultimate sporter after using several other brands,......

Wanted air arms gun bag

Wanted air arms gun bag to fit a 510 in black or green in good condition...

Question What Grease For Filling Probe O Rings??

Hi Guys, My filling probe is letting out a massive amount of air when used and struggling to fill the gun. I presume its just a case that the two O rings have become dry and will need some grease. I might change the O rings anyway as the kit came with a fair few but my question is what......

Advice HW110 Hunting Set Up

Morning all, Im looking to put together a hunting set up based around the HW110. Does anyone have any thoughts on a scope that would be a good match for the rifle And while I know pellets are a difficult thing to pin down as the gun will decide what it likes, is anyone using a pellet......

Optics Warehouse 60 Day Scope Out Guarantee

How many folks have bought the wrong scope before Well have a butchers at this.. ;)

Cocked or Uncocked PCP

Hello Is it best to leave the PCP cocked or uncocked. I have a Co2 rifle and was told to leave it cocked to keep pressure on the seals which stop it leaking. Do i follow this the same procedure for PCP. Cheers Col...