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By Brand has the most competitive prices for Magazines and Clips by KWA Crosman and Evanix, Air Guns by Crosman Gamo Hatsan and ASG, batteries, cartridges, pellets by Haendler & Natermann JSB and Air Venturi, scopes by UTG BKL and Hawke Sport Optics, targets by Birchwood Casey crosman champion Kruger, and much more!

Sensible Airsoft Gun Shopping

Let's be honest! Many things can happen during a match of air-soft. Your current gun could get jammed within the most important section of the game. You can even exhaust spare magazines without the the time to fill up th... Read More

Ballistics: Velocity and accuracy

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pThe editor gets down to the hard work of yet another of his experiments/p...

Ballistics: Does consistency equal accuracy?

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pThe editor sets up another experiment to ease his obsessive ballistic mind/p...

AirGun Guru: The Experts guide to buying a second hand rifle

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pBuying a second hand airgun The Guru tells you what to look out for and what questions to ask so you can get the best bang for your bucks./p...

Country Kitchen: Squirrel Jambalaya

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pJane Price cooks a Marmite quarry, the grey squirrel/p...

Carnivore X

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pThe editor asks if this innovative tool is better than the rest./p...

SMK XS19 GAS RAM: The Top Trainer

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pHaving a recoiling rifle for your training gun could make you a much better shot/p...

Recipe: Game Terrine

!--PSTYLE=SF Web Summary--pJane Price makes a dish that the whole family will love/p...